Student Life
Community Service

Service Learning Outcomes

The Service and Community Engagement program at Newark Academy aims to support the fulfillment of the mission of Newark Academy by developing the following skills. 

The Community Service program will:
1. Build Advocacy Skills
  • by raising awareness about the root causes of issues in our community.
  • by developing communication skills such as public speaking and active listening.
  • by assisting and empowering others through speaking up and out.
2. Cultivate Critical and Ethical Thinking
  • by encouraging critical assessment of the impact of systematic inequalities and power structures.
  • by exploring concepts and issues that have local, national and global significance.
  • by evaluating the ethics of choices and actions to ascertain what is just and equitable.
  • by considering ethical cultural and environmental issues.

3. Develop Character
  • by building understanding for and connections with people from different generations, backgrounds and cultures.
  • by focusing on identity and self-awareness to increase cultural competency and global mindedness.
  • by removing oneself from Newark Academy and viewing the world through a different lens.
  • by fostering a generosity of spirit through the development of empathy, kindness, compassion and awareness.
  • by considering personal relationships to people ideas and concepts.

4. Encourage Collaborative Leadership
  • by instilling a sense of social and ethical responsibility in the student.
  • by engaging in collaborative work with the communities where we reside and the larger world in a principled and reciprocal manner.
  • by developing programs and leading one's peers.

5. Foster Innovation and Creative Problem Solving
  • by allowing students to examine the roots of real-world problems through experiential learning and work to propose creative solutions.
  • by reflecting on their experience of real-life situations and identifying the next steps in developing solutions.
  • by challenging students to find solutions that arise in the moment and build resiliency.
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