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Newark Academy proudly partners with SAGE Dining for all food service needs. SAGE, the leading food service provider for independent schools throughout North America, offers a wide variety of lunch choices including: fresh-made menu items, including salad and deli bars; a healthy main dish with a variety of starches and fresh vegetable side dishes; creative, food truck-style fair; and vegetarian and vegan options.

NA school policy does not permit students to bring food prepared outside the school building into the Dining Hall at any time. The cost of lunch is provided within tuition and fees for all students. Breakfast items and afternoon snack items are available daily, for purchase, in the Dining Hall.  

All SAGE team members are extensively trained in food allergy awareness practices. Menus are designed to provide a level of variety that encompasses all dietary needs and ingredient lists are posted on serving line signage.

Allergens present in the dish, from the top 12 allergens, are listed on serving line signage, and all ingredients can be found on the online menu and the free Touch of SAGE mobile app, which may be downloaded to mobile devices via platform App stores. Both the online menu and the mobile app provide the ability to filter each day’s menu for allergens.

For more information on menu items and allergens, visit the Newark Academy SAGE Dining Community website.
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