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Study Skills For Grades 6-12

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  • Cognitive Strategies- Grades 10-12


    Session Dates and Tuition:
    Session A: June 24 - July 12, $550

    Session A: Grades 10-12, 1:00 - 3:00 pm.
    This three-week course will focus on deepening adolescents' learning and analytical skills. Students will develop effective personalized learning strategies for college preparatory reading, writing, research, analysis, critical thinking, and abstract reasoning in all subject areas; apply executive functioning skills to long-term planning, time management, and metacognition; practice mindfulness as a tool for adolescent wellness and development, utilizing techniques such as breathwork, journaling, and reflection for growth and maturation.  Strategies to support maintaining a healthy balance between curricular, extracurricular, and personal responsibilities will be introduced.  Students will apply these skills as they read, analyze, and respond to various forms of literature.

    Click this link to view course syllabus. 
  • Study Skills - Grades 6-9

    Session Dates and Tuition: 
    Session A: June 24 - July 12, $550
    Session B: July 15 - August 2, $550

    8:05-10:10 am / Grades 8-9 
    10:25 am-12:30 pm / Grades 6-7
    This three-week course will focus on the development of effective study habits. Students will be introduced to various principles and techniques to assist them in a number of areas: planning and budgeting of time, undertaking reading assignments of varying difficulty and from different disciplines, note-taking and underlining, improving memory, preparing for examinations, and establishing daily study habits. Students will apply these skills as they read, analyze and respond to a novel.

    Click this link to view 6/7 course syllabus.
    Click this link to view 8/9 course syllabus. 
For more information, please contact Director of Summer Programs Nancy Celente at or (973) 992-7000, ext. 217.
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